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Installation of hardwood floors at your home can be a long term investment if you have the right wood floor conditions. More than having a sturdy material, you also need to know the wood’s condition and moisture content. Sometimes accurate moisture readings can be the difference between a successful hardwood floor and not. However, a lot of homeowners don’t know the moisture content of their hardwood floors. Before installing your hardwood flooring, make sure that you are aware of the wood’s moisture content.

What is moisture content? Moisture Content is simply the amount of water contained in a material. Wood is hygroscopic in nature, which means it constantly absorbs and extracts moisture until it reaches its equilibrium with the surroundings. Equilibrium Moisture Content of wood is when the amount of water in the said wood remains stable. Here are other important questions you might have before installing your hardwood floors.

What are the ways to know the wood’s moisture content?
There are 3 ways to measure the wood’s moisture content. Be sure to ask your contractor or wood floor installers.

Oven Dry Method
The Oven Dry method is the most basic way of measuring the wood’s moisture content. You would have to measure the weight of the wood before and after putting it in an oven. The difference between the initial and final weight divided by the final weight is the moisture content. However, this process is a lot less accurate than other methods.

Pin Meters
Pin meters measure the moisture content of wood by having a small electrical current to flow in a wood sample. As the wood gets dryer, its resistance also increases.

Pinless Meters
Pinless meters measure the moisture content using electromagnetic signals. This method is perfect for expensive hardwood floors because it doesn’t leave marks like the pin meters. Just make sure that the setting of your meter is appropriate with the wood being tested because this device is sensitive to wood density.

Does the area of installation affect the wood’s moisture content?
As stated earlier, the Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) of wood is when the moisture content remains stable relative to its surroundings. The EMC is determined by the amount of water air can hold at a prevailing room temperature. That being said, factors such as humidity that can alter the wood’s condition. As humidity increases, the moisture content also increases causing the wood to expand. Conversely, as the moisture content decreases, the wood also shrinks. When the wood doesn’t shrink or expand, it has reached its equilibrium moisture content.

What’s the acceptable moisture content for wood flooring?
The acceptable moisture content depends on the kind of wood and relative humidity of the air. In most cases, the acceptable Equilibrium Moisture Content for indoors is 7%-8%.

What do I do if my acquired wood has a high moisture content?

Processes such as kiln drying can dry your wood up to the ideal 8% moisture content. Kiln Drying is a standard practice in the lumber industry to effectively lower the moisture content in wood, avoiding damages or problems concerning moisture levels for the long term. However, it doesn’t stop there. The moisture content of wood is continually changing because the wood is constantly interacting with environmental factors such as humidity.

Once your acquired wood has a stable moisture level, another measure to lengthen the lives of your wooden floor is to coat it with Bona. Bona’s comprehensive system gives you superior quality for your hardwood flooring. Bona Classic is a unique sealer specially developed to minimize ‘edge-bonding’. It produces a well bodied surface and adheres better to the floor for a maximum protection and durability. Bona’s lacquers offer superior protection against spills and scuffs. Bona Traffic adheres to commercial areas with high traffic areas while Bona Mega is ideal for residential and hotel rooms.


Over the years, sustainability talks and practices have become more important because of the rapid change in climate, and other environmental factors increasingly becoming evident in today’s time. As a response to the sign of the times, companies are shifting to greener practices. As a consumer, you can help too. In building a home, you can buy more sustainable products to help in preserving the environment. One of the sustainable practices in the construction industry is the utilization of wood.  Here are some reasons why wood helps in building a sustainable home:


Wood has an aesthetic appeal unlike any other. The combination of color, grain and texture makes you love its natural characteristics. Wood has a distinct elegance that calms the mood and creates an inviting ambiance to your house. 


Did you know that relative to its weight, wood is the strongest building material on the planet? Under favorable conditions and if stored properly, wood can last 2000 years. Building materials made of natural wood is characterized with high durability.

Zero Waste

All by-products of wood can be reused and repurposed, making the use of it zero waste. Wood is processed to use as lumber, and even sawdust can be burned for wood bioenergy. Burning wood to eliminate waste also generates green energy to some companies creating a more sustainable way of operating. 


Wood is a renewable source. Unlike metal or concrete, it has the ability to replenish itself. People shy away from using wood as a construction material because of the notion of trees being cut down carelessly. Fortunately, over the years, sustainability became a priority and policies were geared toward better logging practices. Selective harvesting, in contrast with clear cutting, chooses trees to be cut down, so that new trees can be planted and forest growth can be maintained. Forests also regain their carbon dioxide capacity when new trees are planted.                                                  


Throughout the wood’s lifecycle, it uses less energy. Compared to steel manufacturing and wastewater production, it costs less to produce both in terms of energy and money. In a home, having a timber frame causes households to consume less energy because of wood’s natural thermal properties.

Ofcourse, for wood to be truly sustainable, you have to choose a company that values sustainability. Andersen Corporation is one of the first companies to sign Ceres Climate Declaration. Ceres is a nonprofit organization that advocates for sustainability by partnering with corporations to solve the world’s biggest sustainability problems. Furthermore, their strict forest resource policy follows a procurement rule that disallows sourcing wood from illegal logging. It’s evident in the products they sell too. Andersen’s 400 Series Windows and Doors safeguards the wood inside with its Perma-Shield® system gives the exterior a tough protective shell for the wood inside, as it repels water, resists dents, and stays beautiful for years. 


Staying at home for the first few days may seem like a vacation. You get a lot of sleep, and you get to catch up on your favorite shows. A few days kick in and you feel stuck in your eating, sleeping and watching routine. Instead of losing your hours to social media and Netflix, here are other things you can do to keep your home staycation interesting: 

  • Clean

Cleaning helps you easily pass the time with an added bonus of  killing germs and reducing the spread of diseases in your home. It could be reorganizing your closet space or simply mopping the floor. Cleaning may seem a bit tedious, but not when you use the right tools. Bona’s Spray Mop kit comes with a Bona Microfiber Pad and a Bona Floor Cleaner cartridge. The sturdy handle and grip along with a trigger that releases a fine mist makes it quick and easy to clean your floors.

  • Upgrade your cooking and baking skills

Making freshly cooked meals will help you break your routine and enjoy your stay at home. Cooking is a life skill that can drastically improve your quality of life. It helps you have control over your nutrition and save money. If you haven’t cooked anything in your entire life except for instant noodles, now may be a good time to start. You can start by cooking simple recipes and work your way up to more challenging dishes. Of course, cooking for the first time can be a little messy with  food bits scattered on the floor. Here’s a tip for kitchen interior: get hardwood floors. Dust and other allergens don’t get absorbed or stuck in hardwood floors making it more sanitary and easy to maintain.

  • Play board games with your family

As they say, family time is the best time. Playing board games together with your family can be beneficial especially to your children. It can teach them about teamwork, patience, and being a good sport. This can also serve as a brain exercise to strengthen your mental health. Playing board games is best done on the floor because you have a lot of space to work with when that Uno or Monopoly game gets a little intense.

  • Redecorate

A new look is always exciting. It doesn’t have to be a major overhaul. It may be a simple restyling of your coffee table or changing your pillows. Adding colors and plants to your space can also help boost your mood. No matter how big or small the change may be, Bona-coated hardwood floors go with any interior look. It’s unique and unsurpassed beauty never fails to show the warmth of natural wood. 



At Bona we are committed to the whole lifetime of wooden floors. We are devoted to providing solutions that keep a floor perfect during its entire life. Through our long commitment and constant search for innovation we are able to offer lasting, sustainable results for professionals and floor owners.

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