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Working from your home may sound convenient, but getting the right balance between comfort and productivity can be a bit tricky. It’s more than sitting on a desk or your couch with a laptop and starting to work. Here are some things you need to consider before turning a home space into an office space.

  • Ergonomic Workstation

Desk and chairs should be centered toward your comfort. To start being productive, you need to have a desk and a chair specifically designed to aid you in your work. After all, you may be sitting at it for hours to get work done. Lumbar support, wheels, and adjustability are just elements to consider chair-wise. 

  • Natural Light 

Having good light in your home office is not only for you to see what you’re working on but also to create a change in the ambiance of your home office. Installing your office with a lot of windows may help in creating a productive atmosphere. Artificial lighting may be sufficient, but nothing beats the warmth natural light can give. Andersen Windows can bask your home office without letting the harmful UV rays in. Andersen Windows offer Low E4 and Smart Sun coatings that effectively block UV rays up to 83 and 95 % respectively. 

  • Organized Files

It’s difficult to work through a pile of an unorganized mess. Having a systematic space saves you time rather than fishing through piles of papers and files. File organizers are a great investment to prevent your workspace into becoming an uncluttered and unproductive space.

  • Right Temperature

Temperature in working spaces is often overlooked because of its triviality. However,  whether you have a freezing or hot environment may impede your productivity because it can lead to exhaustion and distraction. Andersen Windows utilize energy efficient glass that reflects heat and limits transfer of cold air, so that you won’t have to keep your air conditioner running all day leaving your home office temperature just right.

  • Quiet environment

A working space should have little distractions as possible to help you focus solely on work. Drowning out unnecessary sounds can lessen distractions. It can also help you psychologically feel like you’re at work and less at home. Having Andersen windows helps you block out unnecessary sounds by its impact resistant glass that interferes with sound waves leading to a quieter home office to keep the train of thought going. 

  • Snacks and Coffee corner

Caffeine and a good biscuit just might be the right push you need to keep things going when you feel a little drained out. Make sure to have a little space dedicated to snacks to fuel you when you’re hungry.


New Year is the time to make a difference. As they say, what you do on the month of January sets the tone for the rest of the year. It’s time for new opportunities and changes. May it be as simple as a haircut or as transformative as a home renovation. 

Windows play a big part in your home but the average homeowner can be clueless as to when to replace them. Knowing the exact time to replace your windows can be tricky but here is a guide to when to replace your windows 🙂 

Fix damaged or rotten windows

Fix damaged or rotten windows is the most obvious reason to replace your windows. Did you know that fog between panes of glass signals seal failure? Make sure to check your windows for damage because it is a clear indication that you need to replace your windows. 

Improve window operation

Having a hard time opening or closing your window and missing hardware indicates a problem on the window operation. This can be crucial, especially in the event of fire or other natural disasters. Andersen windows have smooth control operators and even an optional motorized operator that is both convenient and secure for you and your family. 

Help lower heating and cooling bills

In the long run, having new windows with better insulation will save you electricity and provide all over comfort to your home. Replacing your old windows with Andersen’s dual pane glass will block twice the amount of solar heat as a single pane glass and downsize your air conditioning system. 

Make maintenance easier

We all know how busy the year gets. Not everyone has the time to always clean the windows especially if you’re a parent juggling work and taking care of kids. Andersen Windows’ High Performance Low-E4 Glass has an invisible titanium dioxide coating that loosens dirt from glass and can be washed away by rain. 

Improve views

Rethink windows and the role they play in your home. They may seem trivial, but increase in number or expansion of the size of your window opening can allow a lot more natural light in the room and brighten up your home. Did you know that natural light has direct benefits to your health and mood? Maybe the best way to start 2020 is to let the light shine through. 🙂

Boost curb appeal

Sometimes there really isn’t a problem but replacing windows just improves curb appeal. Andersen Windows, being the premium quality in its industry, can upgrade the value of your house if ever you’re trying to lure in some buyers.


Check out this Andersen video for a more detailed explanation of when to replace your windows:



andersen kitchen

Light is one of the compounding factors that lead to food spoilage. Specifically, light leads to loss of food quality by degrading the color and flavor.

Light exposure also often means heat exposure, which causes food to become an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms. The presence of bacteria accelerates food spoilage because the organisms feed on the food, causing decay.

Foods are exposed to several sources of light in their production and display. A common light source is sunlight outdoors through windows. The exposure of foods to light can result in its deterioration (also known as photodegradation).

Photodegradation usually occurs in specific food constituents, such as pigments, fats, proteins, and vitamins, resulting in discoloration, off-flavors, and vitamin loss. Exposure to sunlight accelerates the degradation of vegetable oils, butter, lard, and similar products.

Light appears to accelerate the autoxidation of fats and oils, resulting in flavor and odor changes. The off-flavors that develop in milk when exposed to light are called sunlight flavors that result from the breakdown of amino acids and proteins. When beer is exposed to light, it develops an undesirable flavor (and odor) called sunstruck flavor. This is why most beer is bottled in dark containers. Snack foods (like potato chips), prepared by deep fat frying in oil are susceptible to photodegradation and develop off-odors and off-flavors on exposure to light.

These are just a few scenarios on what happens to your food when exposed to light and heat. That’s why for your kitchen, when you choose a quality window, you get more than view. The performance that’s built into every Andrersen window delivers better energy efficiency resulting in more comfortable home and reduced heat. Additional benefits include filtering of harmful UV light to help protect everything inside your home.





Before cleaning the exterior surface of glass it is important to identify if you have Andersen® 400 Series products that come standard with High-Performance Low E4 glass. This type of glass has low-maintenance exterior coating and removable protective film. The low-maintenance exterior coating is highly durable but may be damaged if abrasive or hard objects are used for cleaning.

DO NOT use metal razor blades to clean glass or remove paint/stain from glass surface. Scratching of the exterior glass surface could damage the low-maintenance coating.

DO NOT use metal razor blades to remove the protective film. Peel back protective film at a corner using firgernail or clean plastic scrapper.

DO NOT allow any sealants (including silicone) to contact the exterior glass surface. Sealants may cause damage to the exterior low-maintenance coating of the glass.

DO NOT use abrasive cleaners on any glass surface, or on the exterior of High- Performance Low E4 Glass.

To remove dust, dirt, smoke, film, soot and salt spray, use a mild detergent and water solution and a soft cloth or brush. To remove heavy dirt or grime from glass, first wipe loose debris from the glass surface with a soft, dry cloth. Then apply a cleaning solution, such as mild soapy water, vinegar or a liquid window cleaner, and wipe in circular motion. Remove cleaning solution with a squeegee or a clean, lint – free cloth. As a general practice, you should never clean glass in direct sunlight.

Note: After cleaning your glass, we recommend to lubricate all moving parts with a multi- purpose dry lubricant spray. Oily lubricants or harsh abrasive cleaners are not recommended.

For further details on how to clean and maintain your windows, contact our Customer Care Hotline: 722 6671.

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