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Tectus by Simonswerk

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Made in Germany, TECTUS® is the most comprehensive concealed hinge system for premium flush doors. Easily adjustable in 3-Dimensions, Simonswerk’s TECTUS® hinges bring an unparalleled level of performance, precision and control over what has previously been a difficult detail to build and maintain. There is no other hinge system in the world that provides the solutions and

easy on the eyes: for architects and designers choosing TECTUS® can make the difference between realizing your vision and having it remain just a vision.

Designers spend time detailing an “invisible” door, they may go through endless rounds of picking veneer to match the grain exactly, and simply want to keep clean and dead-even gaps around their door panels. Because TECTUS® is adjustable in 3 dimensions large and heavy doors can be installed quickly, saving money for the millworker and installer and insuring it all looks sharp in the end. In reality, for detail-driven designers, nothing is ever really invisible. So, when you open that door, at the very least, the hinge better match the finish of the hardware on the rest of the project. Simonswerk offers the TECTUS® hinges in a wide range of premium quality finishes:


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