Although robust by nature, wood should be taken care of to prolong its life. Floors take a lot of pressure from the weight of tables and chairs and our everyday foot traffic. To truly care for your floors, you should know the common sources of their wear and tear. Here are some factors that contribute to a damaged floor and how you can prevent them. 

Dust and Dirt Particles

Even though it may be invisible to the naked eye, dust particles may be abrasive to your wooden floor once they’re underfoot. That’s why you always have to sweep and mop your floor to prevent it from being dull and faded.

Mopping with too much water

Excessive water can cause wood floor damage, even if it has a protective coating. Being a hygroscopic material, wood absorbs water causing boards to swell, warp and separate. Bona’s Microfiber pad to dry the floor immediately leaving no residue on your wooden floors.


If left over for a long period of time, spills are harmful on your wooden floors. To avoid this kind of damage, immediately wipe the spillage with absorbent material. Bona’s Microfiber Pad features a unique design with blue inner fibers that absorb liquid and leaves no residue behind.

High heels, pet nails, table, and chair legs

The force of these sharp objects may increase the risk of having scratches and dents. This can be prevented by putting floor protectors under the table and chair legs, trimming your pets’ nails regularly, wearing slippers, or being barefoot inside your home. 

Here’s another tip: Add an entry mat on your home as a first defense for dust and grime from shoe soles from the outside. This may not be rocket science, but it will definitely protect your floor from grime from the outside.

Using Oil-based cleaner

Various floor cleaners have different effects on your wood floors. As a precautionary measure, check the cleaner’s ingredients and consult your floor’s craftsman for a suitable cleaner for your floors. Bona’s Wood Floor Cleaner has a water-based cleaning formula that dries fast, is residue-free, and is safe for people, pets, and the planet. It’s also safe for all unwaxed, unoiled, polyurethane-finished wood floors.

Caring for your outdoor wood

Compared to indoor wood floors, outdoor wood is much more exposed to harsh elements such as changing weather. To be protected, you can coat your outdoor wood with Woca. WOCA Exterior Oil is water and plant-based penetrating oil that absorbs deep into the wood, strengthening the wood from the inside out.  It hardens from the inside of the wood to strengthen and protect from the harsh outdoor elements and includes UV protection. The best stain for color and protection in one step.  

When coated with Woca, the outdoor wood does not peel, crack, or flake.  It is rated R10 for slip resistance and durable for heavy foot traffic. It also contains anti-fungal ingredients added to inhibit green growth and mold.  It’s available in 4 colors to enhance, beautify and protect your outdoor wood investment.  


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