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Fast Drying Features

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WOCA Exterior Oil is fast drying and is to be used outdoor wood.  It can be used on new or previously oiled wood surfaces.  WOCA Exterior Oil penetrates deep into the wood to harden, strengthen and protect the wood from the harsh outdoor elements.  It is ideal for use on decks, garden furniture, siding etc.

Exterior Oil may be used on traditional wood species such as pine and larch.  It can also be used on exotic species such as teak, mahogany, and ipé. Exterior Oil Natural is recommended to enhance the natural color structure of the wood. For rejuvenating of old wood surfaces, the pigmented oils are ideal as they recreate the original color of the wood. If you would like to change the color of the deck, you can apply one of the available colors, such as grey, anthracite or black oil. The special water-based composition of oil components ensures that the product is water-dilutable and friendly to the environment.

WOCA Exterior Oil ensures a strong water and dirt repellent surface and protects against mold fungus. The oil enhances the natural color and grain of wood. Exterior Oil is available in Natural as well as a number of exciting colors. All varieties have UV protection.


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